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Strong Advisement and Representation

CSS Partners provides strategic advice to clients, while focusing on government affairs and political strategy. CSS works to carry out clients' long-term goals through strong advisement and representation that will maximize client success. Our team brings years of experience and insight from government service and campaign work at both the state and federal levels. Building upon strong relationships with elected officials, policy makers, regulators, and key groups throughout Oklahoma and across the country, we can be influential advocates for your interests. Most importantly, CSS is a loyal partner who continually strives to put what is important to our clients at the forefront of everything we do.


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Our Services

CSS Partners offers a wide range of government affairs, strategic advisement, and political consulting services. Let our team provide customized services tailored to meet your needs and goals.


Government Affairs

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to have strong relationships at the state and federal levels. Our team is well-equipped to provide guidance and representation throughout the complexity of government. Building upon strong relationships with elected officials, policy makers, regulators, and key groups, we can be influential advocates for your interests.


Strategic Advisement

Advancing your interests and goals takes a clear plan. Let our team assist you in the development of your plan and how to present it. We bring diverse experiences and offer strategic counsel to our clients for successful execution of their plan. Whether it is a new idea, work in progress, or a long-term project, we can provide assistance at any stage.


Political Consulting

The political landscape is continuously evolving. This can provide both challenges and opportunities. Often efforts needed to make changes require going to the ballot box. Let us help you support or defend what impacts you. We are prepared to advise you on how to carry out your campaign while ensuring legal and ethical compliance. 


Our Team

Our desire is to put individuals and groups in positions of influence within their communities and throughout Oklahoma. Each has a unique contribution to make to our continued prosperity. Our team brings diverse experiences at the state and federal levels and is focused on meeting the needs of our clients.


Tyler Powell


Tyler is a trusted political advisor and well-versed on state government and policy development and implementation.