Political Consulting

The political landscape is continuously evolving. This can provide both challenges and opportunities. Often efforts needed to make changes require going to the ballot box. Let us help you support or defend what impacts you. We are prepared to advise you on how to carry out your campaign while ensuring legal and ethical compliance. 

Campaign advisement

CSS offers full service advisement for the establishment and running of successful campaigns. Whether it be a candidate or an issue, we provide experience in strategic and practical counsel for your campaign needs. We can also assist in identifying specific apparatuses to maintain compliance.

Candidate recruitment and development

Let us work with you to help identify candidates that can champion your cause. CSS can also assist in working to get potential candidates up to speed on the issues you care more about. Early vetting is vital in determining support for the appropriate candidates. This provides you with a better understanding of their positions and allows you to make decisions that are best for your goals and interests.

PAC advisement

CSS can help to advise political action committees on candidates, their campaigns, and their priorities. These services can include legislative scorecards and voting history, along with information on the viability of candidates in races.