Strategic Advisement

Advancing your interests and goals takes a clear plan. Let our team assist you in the development of your plan and how to present it. We bring diverse experiences and offer strategic counsel to our clients for successful execution of their plan. Whether it is a new idea, work in progress, or a long-term project, we can provide assistance at any stage.

Policy development

CSS can assist you in identifying policies, rules, and laws that could impact you and can work with you to change them. Utilizing your expertise, we can help determine and develop strategies to advance your interests. Depending upon your needs, we can help to facilitate conversations that bring to light those barriers and can work with your organization to develop solutions that are achievable.

Messaging and communications strategies

Many times, figuring out how to explain what you need and how to communicate it can greatly impact your chances of success. CSS can assist with development of strategies for how to get your message across to policy and decision makers. Small changes in messaging can greatly affect the success in achieving your goals.

Issue research and recommendations

CSS provides detailed analysis and research of issues and challenges at your request. Our research will also include recommendations and options of how to move forward.

Relationship development

Let us help to identify and connect you with other groups that can help to advance your cause. This includes organizations and stakeholders inside and outside of your industry with similar needs. Often times these alliances are valuable in advancing your common goals. CSS can help make these connections to build larger coalitions.

Public affairs

CSS can also provide insight into how the public will perceive your message and how to best engage citizens on your behalf to help advance your issues. We can develop strategies to encourage public participation in support of an overarching strategy.