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Our Services

CSS Partners offers a wide range of government affairs, strategic advisement, and political consulting services. Let our team provide customized services tailored to meet your needs and goals.


Government Affairs

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to have strong relationships at the state and federal levels. We continuously monitor for potential changes in policy, regulations, and the law to keep you in compliance. Our team is well-equipped to provide guidance and representation throughout the complexity of government. Building upon strong relationships with elected officials, policy makers, regulators, and key groups, we can be influential advocates for your interests. Full spectrum government affairs includes the following services, tailored to your specific needs:

Legislative Lobbying

We work with the Governor and members of the Oklahoma Legislature prior to, during, and after legislative sessions for our clients. CSS provides a full-time presence at the Capitol during the February to May legislative session and works on your behalf to educate members and their staffs on legislation and issues impacting you. Each year thousands of bills are filed. We carefully review and identify those that impact your interests and work to improve and advocate on your behalf. CSS works throughout the interim to lay the groundwork for a successful session.

executive Lobbying

Oklahoma has over 400 agencies, boards, and commissions that regulate and license various professions and industries. CSS brings firsthand experience working with agencies on development and implementation of administrative rules and actions. Working directly with agencies can reduce your need to relying on the legislature and accomplish your goals effectively. Not only does CSS monitor proceedings at any state agency that could impact you, we also work on helping you achieve compliance with regulators. With strong connections throughout the executive branch, CSS is ready to represent your interests before agencies, boards, and commissions.

Political intelligence and strategy

Information that impacts your interests is vital to your success. CSS continuously monitors information sources, relays important details directly to you, and advises what actions to take. Working with you, we can develop specific strategies to accomplish your goals. This includes providing strategic guidance and counsel on the matters that impact you. Our team works on your behalf and at your direction to identify options and recommendations on how to move forward with a successful strategy.

Legislative and regulatory tracking

CSS continuously monitors legislative, executive, and regulatory matters that can impact you. We provide timely details on new amendments and changes as they occur. Keeping you updated not only keeps you focused on what matters, but also saves you time.

Long standing relationships with key officials and stakeholders

Getting connected with the right people can make advocating for your issues much easier. CSS has developed strong relationships with key individuals both in and out of government. We can assist in identify relevant parties to approach and how best to communicate your interests to them.

Securing appointments

Thousands of influential appointments exist throughout the executive branch. Many of these positions establish the rules and regulations that impact your business and operations. CSS can help identify openings on these boards and commissions and work with the appointing authority to get the right people in these roles. By representing you before the Governor’s Office and the State Senate we can help secure confirmations or defeat nominations on your behalf.


Strategic Advisement

Advancing your interests and goals takes a clear plan. Let our team assist you in the development of your plan and how to present it. We bring diverse experiences and offer strategic counsel to our clients for successful execution of their plan. Whether it is a new idea, work in progress, or a long-term project, we can provide assistance at any stage.

Policy development

CSS can assist you in identifying policies, rules, and laws that could impact you and can work with you to change them. Utilizing your expertise, we can help determine and develop strategies to advance your interests. Depending upon your needs, we can help to facilitate conversations that bring to light those barriers and can work with your organization to develop solutions that are achievable.

Messaging and communications strategies

Many times, figuring out how to explain what you need and how to communicate it can greatly impact your chances of success. CSS can assist with development of strategies for how to get your message across to policy and decision makers. Small changes in messaging can greatly affect the success in achieving your goals.

Issue research and recommendations

CSS provides detailed analysis and research of issues and challenges at your request. Our research will also include recommendations and options of how to move forward.

Relationship development

Let us help to identify and connect you with other groups that can help to advance your cause. This includes organizations and stakeholders inside and outside of your industry with similar needs. Often times these alliances are valuable in advancing your common goals. CSS can help make these connections to build larger coalitions.

Public affairs

CSS can also provide insight into how the public will perceive your message and how to best engage citizens on your behalf to help advance your issues. We can develop strategies to encourage public participation in support of an overarching strategy.


Political Consulting

The political landscape is continuously evolving. This can provide both challenges and opportunities. Often efforts needed to make changes require going to the ballot box. Let us help you support or defend what impacts you. We are prepared to advise you on how to carry out your campaign while ensuring legal and ethical compliance. 

Campaign advisement

CSS offers full service advisement for the establishment and running of successful campaigns. Whether it be a candidate or an issue, we provide experience in strategic and practical counsel for your campaign needs. We can also assist in identifying specific apparatuses to maintain compliance.

Candidate recruitment and development

Let us work with you to help identify candidates that can champion your cause. CSS can also assist in working to get potential candidates up to speed on the issues you care more about. Early vetting is vital in determining support for the appropriate candidates. This provides you with a better understanding of their positions and allows you to make decisions that are best for your goals and interests.

PAC advisement

CSS can help to advise political action committees on candidates, their campaigns, and their priorities. These services can include legislative scorecards and voting history, along with information on the viability of candidates in races.